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6th Grade

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Art News
In Art, sixth graders practiced their skills in the traditional form of Japanese printmaking called Gyotaku (gyo means fish and taku means rubbing). 19th century fisherman used this form of printing to record their catches. In order to make a Gyotaku print, the students placed a real trout on the table and painted one side with acrylic paint and then place rice paper on tub of the painted fish and rubbed gently with their hand. This creates an impression of the painted fish onto the paper. Then students added more detail to their painting with a small brush and paint. Finally, they created their own stamped signature and signed the print. 

Language Arts 
In Language Arts, sixth grade has been learning about different types of poetry by reading Edger Allen Poe poems and color coating on what type of poetry it is. Also, sixth grade has been participating in November's National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo. Students set an individual word count goal for the thirty days in November, then race to see who can complete their drafts first.

Social Studies
In Social Studies, sixth grade is learning about longitude and latitude by looking at coordinates and the directions north, south, east, and west.

6th grade recently finished their unit on Electricity and Magnetism.  Tying electricity, magnetism, and "real life" together, students created an electromagnetic fishing pole.  Each lab team designed a switch to turn the electromagnet on and off.  The fun was competing against other teams for catching the most "fish" (metal paperclips).
Designing their switch and making their pole:

Lab teams competing against each other:

Our current unit is Gravity, Mass, Weight, Volume, and Density.  Once students learned the difference between their mass and weight, each student calculated their weight on the moon and other planets in our solar system.  Future track stars were identified as we checked their standing broad jump distances here on Earth.  

Students then calculated how the different gravitational forces on the moon and other planets in our solar system would affect their jumping distances.  

In Music we are learning about notes,chords, and intervals by making a composition on the app garage band.