About Us


Legacy Academy is Colorado's first iSchool.  Through a partnership with iSchool, Legacy has done a complete technology overhaul and implemented hundreds of Apple devices and substantial amounts of other Apple equipment.  Legacy is a "One-toOne" environment meaning that each and every student (K-8) has their own iPad 2 for use during the school year.  Students and their parents are responsible for the Apple equipment and the device is managed/controlled by the school.  iPads are used on a daily basis in every class and have added a level of enthusiasm to our learning environment.  In addition to individual iPads, our students also have access to MacBook Pros, an iMac Computer lab, blazing fast internet, and proprietary file sharing systems that allow our teachers and students to collaborate on our locally hosted "cloud".  

We invite anyone who is interested in Legacy Academy to give us a call, send us an email (via the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page), or come out to the school and see us in action.

For further details regarding iSchool, more information can be found here.  You can also check out the FOX 31 story run about Legacy Academy here


Legacy Academy is a tuition free, public school of choice, first established in 1997. We offer a K-8 program which includes full-day kindergarten free of charge.

Mission Statement

Legacy Academy’s mission is to guide students in developing their individual character and academic potential by providing opportunities for collaborative learning and hands-on experiences through the continuous surveying of modern technology, science, arts and extracurricular activities.

Vision Statement

Legacy Academy was born out of the times in which we live. Our vision is to provide an educational foundation suited to the needs of an emerging generation whose ultimate task will be to provide sustainable solutions to the problems and needs of the world. The passions of our young students are fostered by insatiable desires to know how they relate to an ever changing society. Legacy Academy provides the artistic, technological and extracurricular resources to guide them toward reaching their individual potential and meeting future challenges.