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Legacy Academy Parents,

posted Jan 14, 2013, 1:14 PM by Jessicca Marks   [ updated Jan 14, 2013, 1:20 PM ]
Application in education is something that has been the focus of debate for years.  It is often said that if we could just bring the real world into the classroom, we could gain practical experience and make the learning engaging and challenging.  For years, education has looked to math word problems as the “real world” solution.  We all know that although word problems in math are important, they don’t offer the same level of learning that a true real world problem might.  At Legacy Academy, we are working to bring more real world problems into the classroom to allow students the opportunity to explore a variety of interests and learn in a more engaging environment.  In addition, these opportunities rely heavily on all of the experts that are a part of Legacy Academy.  Specifically, we are looking to parents and community members that work and deal with real world problems to help us in creating opportunities to allow our students to learn by attempting to solve them.   

This brings us to our next exciting opportunity for students and parents alike.  Mission to Mars is going to be an upcoming multi-week unit in which the

students of Legacy Academy will plan an entire trip to Mars.  We have contacted a group, the Mars Society, which is based out of Lakewood Colorado.  Their purpose is to further the exploration and settlement of the planet Mars through outreach programs, government participation, and private enterprise evolvement.   But we still need your help. 

Our multi-week unit will be based on students getting an opportunity to provide solutions to the problems presented by space travel.  For example Kindergartners might be involved in helping us come up with a list of essential items they would require for their trip, while the 8th grade math group would spend time measuring and weighing those items to calculate the atmospheric escape velocity needed to get them on their way to the Red Planet.  These activities will culminate in a simulated rocket launch, where a team of students will use NASA KLASS software to simulate a live ground control operation.   We want this to be an exciting and inspirational activity that will encourage students to think about all of the possibilities that their education gives them. 

If you have any expertise in an area that you feel would be essential to the planning of a trip of this type we would love to incorporate your real world knowledge into our unit.  From graphic designers, storage experts, engineers, math specialists, construction professionals and all other places in between, we can use your help in completing our Mission to Mars.  If this is something that inspires or excites you, please let us know and one of our mission specialists will find a way that we can help the students of Legacy Academy get a great education through all of the wonderful opportunities we have available. 


Jason Cross