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Legacy Academy Parents,

posted Feb 19, 2013, 10:54 AM by Jessicca Marks   [ updated Apr 15, 2013, 8:05 AM ]
In 2012-13, there are over 80,000 students attending more than 190 charter school campuses in Colorado. This represents nearly 11% of total K-12 public school enrollment in the state. Charter schools operate using what the state calls Per Pupil Funding, or PPR for short. The average PPR is around $6369 per student. Out of that funding, charter schools must provide education services to all of the students, as well as pay for teachers and facilities. Charter schools are forced to spend these operating funds on facilities unlike most public schools in Colorado. This means that charter schools spend less on operations than what

the state defines as the minimum requirement to meet education program

This brings up the question that I am often asked. How does Legacy Academy offer up the best technology and teachers, in a beautiful facility, while working with a funding disadvantage? One of the ways charter schools are able to have such success is through the efNiciencies that are created by the organizational model. They focus on educational opportunities and are quick to adapt thanks to parent led individual school boards that drive the schools direction and steer the principal. The principal then takes on the roles of superintendent, human resource director, communication director, curriculum director, food service director, Ninance director and special education coordinator. This gives the school board a tremendous ability to make policies and manage the overall wellbeing of the school and its budget.

The most important key to our success however, is the many wonderful parents and the amazing PTO organization that volunteers and helps bring in extra funding wherever possible. Last year, we were able to bring in nearly $10,000 of funding from parent donations and fundraisers. This year we will be having our annual Spring Fling event, Saturday, May 4th. This is a great opportunity to help support Legacy Academy through attending the event, or making a charitable donation to the school. These donations go to offset the budget deNicit that we face as a charter school. We use this money to put back into programs and fund new curriculum options, clubs and activities.

In part, through your donations to the Spring Fling this year, I am working to bring back full time foreign language to Legacy Academy. This would allow students in grades K-8 to gain exposure in an area that is important to all college applicants. Please consider helping Legacy Academy continue to bring more programs to the students by attending the Spring Fling, or by making a contribution on May 4th. Despite budget cuts and state set backs, the future is bright for your children.

Sincerely,  Jason Cross