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Parents of Legacy Academy,

posted Feb 4, 2013, 5:35 AM by Jessicca Marks

Friday morning Legacy Academy had received several phone calls that were in an unrecognizable language.  The staff did exactly what they were trained to do, keep kids safe.   We called a temporary lock down drill and notified the authorities so they could investigate the origin and determine if there was a threat to Legacy.  I am very proud of how the school handled the situation and responded without delay.

We have left the investigation in the hands of the proper authorities as to where the sources of these strange phone calls originated.   At this time, we have been told there is no threat to Legacy Academy and that it was very likely one of the increasing number of phone fraud schemes in the world today.   These scams usually look to impersonate an organization for monetary gain.  Within minutes our phone provider had stopped the calls, added a layer of security to prevent them from happening in the future and had given all information to the proper authorities. 

I would like to thank everybody for handling the situation with such courage. Although we hope we will never have to call a lock down again, we are committed to keeping your children safe at school.


Jason Cross