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BIO Mike Hettinga

Mike Hettinga

I was born and raised in Huntington Beach, California, 
My first dog was named Coco, my first girlfriend was named Cindee, and my first bike was named Schwinn. Not necessarily in that order. 
My best teacher in elementary school was Mr. Harris in third grade. He was very kind and encouraging. 
My worst teacher was Mrs. Scudder in fifth grade. A very mean woman. 
Middle school was a blast. High school was not. 
My first job after graduating high school was digging ditch, it took me 18 months to decide this was bad and college had to be better. 
I am a slow learner. 
I graduated from California State University in Fullerton and Western Washington University in Bellingham Washington. 
I have been married twenty-eight years to Sandi. We have three children, Tayvis, 11, Elle, 13, and Lexi, 15. 
I have stepped on one skunk, one rattlesnake and two yellow jacket nests and was never sprayed, bit or stung. 
I am a lucky slow learner. 6
I figure any good luck I had has been used up so from now on I better take more care about where I tread. 

Favorite Quote: "Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care." -Theodore Roosevelt

Activities & Hobbies: My favorite activities are snorkeling/kayaking in warm oceans, woodworking, teaching third grade and playing PC video games. Again not necessarily in that order. 
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Mike Hettinga
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