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BIO Wendy Murch

Wendy Murch

I am so happy to be here at Legacy Academy! I attended the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley andI have been teaching for more than twenty years. I have taught first and second grade as well as art, but kindergarten is truly my favorite grade to teach! I love to watch kids get excited about learning to read and I enjoy teaching science. The last science class I took for teachers was a bee-keeping class. It was fascinating! When I am not teaching I spend time with my family- my husband, two daughters and two snuggly cats. 

Favorite Quote: "Today me will live in the moment unless it is unpleasant in which case me will eat a cookie." - Cookie Monster

Activities & Hobbies:  I tap dance and like to paint cheap furniture I buy at the thrift store. I play racquetball and like to go to a lot of movies. I read books like it is my second job. I read twenty to thirty novels during the summer! I hate to clean (I read instead) and try to figure out where I am going on my next trip. I’ve been to Mexico, Italy, France over the last few years and definitely have the travel bug!
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Wendy Murch
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