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Parent Teacher Community Organization

PTCO News & Events

Our mission is to provide financial and volunteer support to Legacy Academy Charter School in meeting additional educational resources. 

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To log your volunteer time, please do so at  Note: Every $10 spent = 1 hour of volunteer time.
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We are currently looking for coordinators for the following programs and positions:

Mother / Son Event

Interested in any of these positions?

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PTCO Executive Board

Judy Vicari
Email Judy Vicari

President - Judy Vicari

Jen Lieberman
Email Stephanie Hendrickson

Vice President - Stephanie Hendrickson

Victoria Thalimer
Email Hope Haas

Secretary - Hope Haas

Teacher Liasons

Allison Allen

Liaison - Deborah Johnson

Maggie Chamberlain

Liaison - Audra Mitchell

Denise LeSage

Liaison - Denise LeSage

Heather Fortelka

Liaison - Micah Chadrick

Legacy Academy's 501(c)(3) status has been approved 

This just in:

I would like to send our a heartfelt thanks for awarding the grant of RAZ kids to Legacy Academy. RAZ kids is an interactive reading program that allows all elementary students online access to books at their level. This opens up a world of books for students to explore and read with the goal of challenging all readers but not frustrating them. On the teacher end, RAZ kids allows teachers to hear their students reading books (students record their readings), monitor how much reading is being done at home, what genres are interesting to the students, and anaylyze data based on comprehension quizes to guide instruction at school. Thanks to the PTO's generousity this program has been implemented in all Elementary classrooms and selected students in Middle School. The feedback has been amazing! I have heard comments on how much time this saves families and gives them comfort that their child has acess to books that they can truly read. Teachers have exclaimed how helpful all of the data is helping to concentrait their lessons in specific directions. Again, thank you from all the teachers at Legacy for providing this amazing oopportunity!

- Heather Fortelka- 1st grade teacher 

PTO granted $600 dollars to support Legacy Academy’s Character Trait program. This program teaches 10 character traits through out the school year and focuses on supporting positive behavior. One of the ways it supports positive behavior is through monthly R.O.A.R. Assemblies. At these assemblies students are recognized and rewarded for displaying the character traits. PTO was able to provide funds to greatly improve this program. With the funds provided the Character Education Team was able to purchase: vinyl signs for the school, t-shirts, styluses and wildcats for students and paper to support the program with. This grant has supported the R.O.A.R. program and excited the students.

- Ashley Cook- 3rd grade teacher


PTCO Elections-
We still have an open position on the PTCO Executive Board for the 2015-16 year,
please contact for more information.

How can you help?

Come to your PTCO General Meetings. This is your organization, make sure your voice is heard.

Meetings will now be the same evening as the School Board General Meetings to make it more convenient for those who would like to attend both. Second Tuesdays of every month.

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Save your Box Tops, Labels for Education, Campbell Soup Labels, and Coke Bottle Tops.
We take care of sorting and processing them, just send them to school with your child to be collected.

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