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Securly is a new content filter that is designed just for schools. Securly, which serves only K-12 schools, employs a philosophy of using web filtering as a means of providing schools with data on how students are using their 1:1 devices in a positive manner.

In October 2014, Securly was one of the first K-12 Service Providers to sign the Student Privacy Pledge co-created by the Future of Privacy Forum and the Software & Information Industry Association.

You can find out more information at

iPad's at Home

Students in 3rd through 8th grade take their device home to continue education outside of the classroom. Students will be required to sign in to their Google account in order to browse the web.

 A request to reset a password can be created by contacting the Technology Department and will be handled by the end of the following school day.
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  1. I am receiving the error "You must register your location to continue" when browsing the web.
    1. Location Services need to be enabled. Steps to enable Location Services for Safari can be found here
  2. I am asked to sign in with a Google account browsing the web in Safari.
    1. All students and teachers will need to sign in with their school issued Google account ending in to continue.
  3. Can I see my Students web activity?
    1. Yes. More information can be found at Seculry for Parents.
  4. Can I connect my personal computer to Legacy's Network?
    1. You will need a Securly certificate installed on your Machine.
      1.  Mac Instructions.
      2.  Windows instructions.

Questions or Issues?

Email Technology Department
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